Organizational Structure

From IdCommons

Identity Commons, inspired by the core principles of Chaordic Commons, consists of Working Groups and a Stewards Council. The basic structure has been referred to as an "upside down umbrella" because the vast majority of the activities and decision-making occur within the Working Groups, which have tremendous autonomy -- so much so that a Working Group can be a complete separate legal or social entity whose own charter or incorporation need not make any mention of Identity Commons.

Any group of people and/or organizations who want to work together towards a purpose consistent with the Purpose And Principles may form a Working Group, which will automatically become part of Identity Commons unless the Stewards Council raises a specific objection (the goal is a culture of inclusion). To form a Working Group, the sponsors:

  1. Use the Working Group Charter Template to publish a charter on this wiki describing their purpose, process, requirements for participation, deliverables, and licenses/restrictions on use of their work product.
  2. Select one representative and one alternate to serve on the Stewards Council.
  3. Send an email to the Stewards Mailing List.

The only purpose of the Stewards Council is to make organizational decisions for managing resources shared by all Working Groups in the Commons (such as this wiki). Decisions are made by a vote of the majority. The council consists solely of representatives from each Working Group. Its deliberative process is totally open and transparent, and anyone may participate. However, only Working Group representatives may vote on decisions.

Identity Commons is itself a not-for-profit legal entity so that it is able to hold any resources deemed necessary to be in the Commons by Working Groups that are not themselves structured to be able to hold such resources.